Dern vs Hill

(lost 2 of last 3 Xionan and Rodriguez.)

(2 fight winning streak Ducote and Lupie. After a 3 fight skid.)

This is a fight that I can honestly say that I was going to pick Hill in when it was 3 rounds. I really like Dern but she needs time and can’t be rushed. The fight really needs to happen for her. If she has to chase things, it gets very sloppy for her and mistakes are made to neophyte levels. Her BJJ is the most elite in MMA for women by a country mile. There is not a single woman that can hang with her on the ground no matter their size. She proved that against Gabby Garcia when Garcia weighed 200 pounds. She is that level of elite. However, getting there is the issue and feel as if in 15 minutes, Angela Hill’s speed and movement may be able to play the cat and mouse game to keep Dern at bay. Although Dern has gotten better with her striking, she can not out box hill. While she is loading up wide, Hill is throwing pepper down the centerline. Although Hill isn’t knocking out anyone these days, it’s the scoring that would make me lean her way a bit. With all that said, this is now 5 rounds, which means more energy needs to be conserved. Hill will still keep a pace, but she can’t fight so phonetically like she could in 3 rounds here. The difference for me here is that Hill is the better striker, but she still has to fight a little labored because she has the second level to be very concerned with. So letting her hands go freely is more than likely not going to happen, unless she wants to expose her hips. If Dern comes out taking shots from across the cage, and hasn’t learned to calculate her way in, Then Hill may not hit the canvas once. However, if you’re giving me 25 minutes for Dern to ground this fight once, I like my chances, and once is all she really needs depending on the time exchange of the round. 
The Pick Dern By Submission