A Beginner’s Guide on How to Become a UFC Fighter

Did you know that the UFC dates back to 1993? It’s now a mainstream sport that you can watch on ESPN. 

If you’re passionate about fighting, you might have thought about becoming a UFC fighter, but what are the requirements? How can you get started? Read this guide on how to become a UFC fighter today and get started in no time!

Fight in Amateur Competitions

To become a UFC fighter, you’ll need experience, and amateur competitions are a great way. Perform well in these competitions, and you might get noticed by an agent. You might then be placed in the big leagues, but be patient. 

Begin with gateway promotions such as Cage Warriors. Work your way toward the top in these promotions. Many of these organizations, such as Cage Warriors and Combate Americas, tend to be recruited by the UFC.

M-1 Global and Road FC are good options too. Be patient and keep winning to be noticed.

Fights are categorized into: 

  • Pro
  • Amateur 
  • Semi-Pro

Beginners will start with local amateur competitions. You could also compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi comps before amateur MMA fights.

How Long Does It Take To Become a UFC Fighter?

It takes a while due to working your way up in amateur competitions. Once you have some experience, though, you could apply to be a fighter. Many of these UFC applications are for its TV shows. 

If you’re discovered through these shows, you’re more likely to make it into UFC. The Brazilian fighter, Johnny Walker, fought on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series before receiving a contract. 

These shows receive thousands of views which will give you the necessary exposure. Remember that there’s no guarantee you’ll become a UFC fighter. 

Through the talentbid website, you can apply. They work with UFC to help give you exposure. 

Through the talentbid website, you can have a profile with metrics, videos, photos, and your fighter history. You’ll also see how many views your profile receives. 

Talentbid is an online job marketplace that works with clients in the entertainment industry worldwide. Their goal is to discover and promote talent including amateur and pro fighters. You’ll be considered for shows such as the Dana White Contender Series and Dana White Looking for a Fight. 

How To Be In UFC

Join feeder leagues. Feeder leagues are MMA organizations that have partnered with UFC. UFC will hire fighters who have been in these organizations.

One of the most popular feeder leagues is Invicta Fighting Championships. This is an all-female MMA organization. Some popular fighters, such as Angela Hill and Megan Anderson, were recruited through this.

How Hard Is It To Become a UFC Fighter?

It’s very difficult to learn how to join the UFC as a fighter. If you’re determined to become a fighter, it’ll take many years of dedication. You’ll need to join many professional fights and train hard daily. 

Avoid serious injuries since that could end your career. It’s also important to stay fit and healthy.

It’s About Who You Know

Learning how to become a professional UFC fighter includes making connections. For example, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s friends joined UFC after he did well.

You’ll need strong skills even if you get into UFC due to connections. Weak fighters are kicked out all the time.

Learn Striking Fundamentals

Become well-versed in different striking methods, including Muay Thai and Boxing. Some will learn Taekwondo and Karate too. 
Learn basic striking fundamentals such as: 

  • Distance management
  • Footwork
  • Head movement

Taking these classes will help you mix it up and learn new techniques. This will also help you become more entertaining and a fan favorite. Muay Thai is important since you’ll learn kicking and punching techniques.

How Do You Become a UFC Fighter?

Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will teach you grappling fundamentals. Learning grappling will teach you to control your opponent. You’ll also learn various submissions such as chokes, joint locks, etc. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will teach you to take your opponent to the ground. You’ll learn trips and throws. You’ll also learn how to control them on the ground.

Use Social Media

Use social media to promote yourself. This is important since joining the UFC means they’ll promote you and your fights. 

Create your own personal brand to be noticed through social media. Post your fights and competitions along with post-training videos. 

Create polls, interact with your audience, and respond to comments. Think about your brand and how you want to be viewed through social media.

Be Well-Rounded

You’ll need strength, endurance, and to remain healthy. Focus on your strength, cardio, and mobility. Consider working with a personal trainer to help you create a training program. 

Eat healthily and work with a nutritionist if necessary. You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting enough fuel for your workouts.

Study Others

Once you have some fighting under your belt, it’s important to learn from the pros. Pay attention to how they fight and what works. This will provide you with inspiration and come up with your own fighting style.

Better Understanding How To Become a UFC Fighter

After exploring this guide, you should better understand how to become a UFC fighter. Take your time developing your action strategy and study as many fighters as possible.
Be well-rounded and take various types of fighting classes. Are you ready to get started on betting in UFC?
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