Gane vs Tuivasa
From a name value perspective this this is a really fun fight. However, there are elements involved here that make this line not as outrageous as it seems. Do I buy into that big of a price tag? No. In any event I do see Gane as a very big favorite for a reason. Let me explain. I have a strange philosophy since I was a kid. Call it the roots of my grandfather or my father. Maybe even a mixture of both. However, growing up, they always stressed to me that if you have the god given gift of power, utilize it at all costs, but never let that be your sword and your shield. What they meant by that was power should only be a tool in the box. A big tool, but merely a tool. Under no circumstances do you ever light a brighter candle for a puncher over the technician. A perfect example was Forman. One of the most feared fighters on the planet. Sonny Liston was another one and obviously Tyson was another. All big time punchers that can knock your block off and if they caught you, the chances of you surviving was minimal. However, the road block ended when Liston and Forman fought the technician in Ali. The road also ended with Tyson when Buster Douglas, for that one night used his jab like Larry Holmes. Then Evander brutalized him as well with seamless boxing acumen. I see this fight very similar. Can Tuivasa crack? Shit yes he can crack. Can he move? You damn straight he can move for a big man. However, there is a difference in moving and fighting with a technical style that has meaning behind it. Tuivasa moves well, but there is no end game to his movements. He isn’t moving is ways to set himself up offensively. He moves well in a defensive manor to avoid or keep moving in ways where clean shots will be less high percentage, but he isn’t using range or center lines to attack and set things up. That’s where the miscommunication is with many people in their assessment of him. There is not doubt that Tuivasa is athletic for his frame, but a true technical striker with a well rounded game he is not. 

Gane has a lot to prove to us here. In a fight where many nabbed him to win, including myself. It seemed that he gave Francis way too much respect in there that night. Mind you, I can’t really bash him because who knows how anyone react being toe to toe with such a violent puncher. The last time I have seen such generated power was from guys like Ernie Shavers, Ronnie Lyle and George Foreman and outside of a few men that could box their heads off, not many stood a chance. So whatever the circumstances were, Gane dropped the ball any way you slice it. So here he is again, fighting another heavy puncher in Tai.  A very well deserving opponent he is and Gane is going to have to come in with a different mindset here than he did with Francis because even though Francis hits much harder, he does not move as much. So He is going to have to deal with power and a little more movement. The give and take here is that, he will have zero threat of Tai taking him down unless a new wrinkle has been tossed into his game. Gane is an extremely well rounded athletic fighter that has the ability to really be one of the Elite. Right now I view him like an Anthony Joshua. Potential through the roof, but you wonder if he can break new barriers and fix what needs to be fixed. I think he does here. This is a 5 round fight, in front of his people and the intelligence to make all the right adjustments. I do expect him to come out a bit lethargic in this one. Being a little cautious and seeing how much of the energy bar that he can drain from Tai before he really starts to move in and tie it all together. Gane is going to be a difficult target with his lateral movement and will look to really utilize his jab to keep Tai honest. Eventually, Tai will start to get desperate of frustration and that is where Gane “should” be able to pick and choose his spots here. If there is any time at all for Gane, it is here, now, In front of his home crowd for his redemption dance. 
The pick: Gane inside the distance

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