Izzy vs Cannonier
This is a fight that I think you know which side I’m going in on. Jarred Cannonier is a fighter that it’s hard not to have respect for. This is a guy that has completely transformed his body before our eyes. There are many factors involved to do what he did to his frame. Nutrition, determination, hard work, and a genetic code that will allow you to make such adjustments. Not only is it amazing what he has done, but the fact that he was able to hold onto his power and bring it down with him, is absolutely incredible. Usually when men make such cuts they seem frail, Their chins start to rust and the dynamics of their bodies start to deteriorate with reaction times and conditioning. Not many people have been able to hold onto it all like JC has done. Since his MiddleWeight debut as a changed man, JC has put the entire division on watch with a 5-1record with his only loss being at the hands of Robert Whittaker by way of decision. In those 5 wins at middleweight, JC finished 4 by way of TKO. So the proof on the theory about his power carrying over is quite obvious. Now, earning himself a title shot for UFC gold, JC is going to find out real quick what it’s like fighting a magician of striking. Anyway you want to slice it, Izzy is an extremely special athlete. The masterful skills he has on the feet is not only years of experience, but it goes much deeper. To be technical is one thing. I can give you gloves and teach you all the mechanics, but can you take a paint brush in there with you and make something out of nothing or create actual art in motion? What made Conner “decent” was not so much his striking acumen and his athletic prowess, but his ability to see things. His ability to manifest certain things in the cage. Now take what got Connor where he did and then add a completely different level of striking and mental creativity over that and you have Izzy. Izzys ability to avoid damage with his movement, while poking and prodding at you is unheard of in the MMA cage. There was only one man that came first with that ability and it was Anderson Silva. Never again did I think I would see someone as fluid as him on his feet in an MMA Cage until I saw Izzy. He will not hit you with one big shot and shut you off. He will move and fire, slowly dismantling you until he sees that your power bar is getting ready to start clicking. Once he senses, smells, and sees the opening, Izzy will take all safeties off his weapons and start dicing you up a finish and if the time doesn’t come, he will outclass you for 5 rounds. Izzy is a perfect example of not being able to weight jump. Mind you, he went up, while JC went down, but at the end of the day he lost. He lost to a guy in Jan who is very good, but not even im the same stratosphere from a talent perspective. Izzy just can’t hold that weight. With that said there is no one in the middleweight division that he can’t chew up and spit out on a night that he is locked and loaded. With 23 wins, Izzy has 15 wins by KO. We are living in a very fortunate time with MMA. We witnessed Khabib, we have seen the rise and fall of Connor, we witnessed some of Jon Jones greatness, we saw passing of the tourches and everything in between. Now we have Izzy and I hope you are appreciating the artistic technician that he is. There are die hard grapplers out there that will disregard his skills because they feel grappling is the best way. The scary thing is that on top of his striking, the knock on him coming in was, “take him down”. Well, in his last 2 fights he has been taken down 8 times between Whittaker and very tough Vettroi and he ended up beating them both when all was said and done. Taking him down is one thing, keeping there is another. Izzy thinks ahead and even if he isn’t superior at certain elements of fight, when he is being taken to that place, he is already thinking about what he has to do, which gives him a certain level quick reaction. Izzy knows what to do, but imploring it with ease, is not something that comes without years of training. A training style that he never really had to train in given his career path before MMA.

So when these two meet in the cage, Izzy will be facing a very well rounded fighter with power, awareness, and the ability to ground Izzy with his horsepower during his level changes. So this is actually a very dangerous fight for Izzy in many aspects. Jan laid out a blueprint for the bigger stronger guy to achieve success against him. Even though this is at middleweight, JC was an undersized heavyweight, down to light heavyweight, and now middleweight where like I stated about, he carried it all down with him. So if Jan really did lay a blueprint, Jared will be able to achieve the same success. JC will be the size of a light heavycome fight time and I expect his team to be smart enough to have that in their notes. Hydrate him more, up the caloric intake a little more than normal after weigh ins. Because a Light heavyweight JC at middleweight is scary a scary proposition for anyone in the division. With that said, I still look at this like a Hummer vs a Ferrari. Sure the Hummer can fold the Ferrari if he hits it clean, but finding it, catching it, and hitting is a completely different animal. Eventually, Ferrari is going to leave you in the dust waiting at the finish line while you try and find your way back. The car can always blow a tire, make a wrong turn, or just not see something in front of them and bam, Hummer wins, but the chances of that happening are unlikely in my opinion. JC keeps it interesting until Izzy finishes taking notes and solving the riddles. Once he calculated it all, he will start letting Go. Then I ask you to just sit back and watch the show….
The Prediction: Izzy by way of late KO

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