The History of the UFC Performance Institute & FAQs

Are you curious to learn where the best UFC fighters train? The UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas produces some of the best fighters.

That’s what draws athletes from around the world into their training centers. Approximately, 85 percent of all athletes have used the UFC PI. at some point.

Their approach performance in a unique and innovative way. Continue reading to learn how they formulated these ideas and achieved their results.

History of the UFC Performance Institute

Determined to strengthen fighters’ skills and health, the UFC curated a plan. Part of that plan was consulting the opinions of their athletes.

The UFC extended an internal audit to their employees in 2014. The audit assessed what was working for the athletes and what was not.

In 2017, the 12-million-dollar UFC Performance Institute opened its doors in Las Vegas. UFC president Dana White wanted to introduce the fighters to their new and improved home. The weekend after opening, 300 fighters received invites to enjoy the facilities.

In total, the UFC Performance Institute is 15 acres of land. The facilities take up 30,000 square feet of land. There are also over 250 campus houses for employees and athletes.

Due to the internal audit, the facilities contain revolutionary and innovative technology. Each athlete that uses the UFC training center will be able to optimize their capabilities.

What Services Are Offered at the Institute?

Trained professionals perform each service offered at the UFC PI Las Vegas. The approaches from the professional guarantee results for each athlete and fighter. Here are some of the services:

Sports Medicine

A doctor or physician is there to support athletes’ physical well-being. The UFC training center’s sports medicine reduces preventable injuries and illnesses. This minimizes time-loss incidents.

Performance Nutrition

The UFC PI believes that diet and nutrition are crucial to their athlete’s health and performance. Nutritionist curate a meal plan to promote optimal fuel, growth, recovery, and regeneration in the body.


A psychologist is readily available to assess an athlete. The institute believes that a healthy mind can enhance performance. They target mental blocks that are hindering performance.

Sports Science and Technology

The UFC PI offers sports science and technology, which allows athletes to track their progress. Athletes are able to track their oxygen levels, heart rates, etc. while exercising. This in turn provides statistics on the athlete’s health.

What Equipment is There?

Most of the equipment at the UFC PI is for their fighters in hopes of enhancing their skills. Here is some of the equipment offered in the training room:

  • Punching bags
  • Full-sized boxing ring
  • Full-sized octagon
  • Open Mats
  • Power Testers
  • Weight Racks
  • Treadmills

Additionally, in the training room, there is completion lighting and cameras. The lighting and cameras allow fighters to look back at their training sessions. This footage will allow fighters to visually see what they are doing right and wrong.

The UFC PI also offers some equipment outside. The outside equipment is primarily for cardio and conditioning work. The equipment includes:

  • Impact wall
  • Sprint track

What Individuals are Responsible for Running the UFC PI?

To ensure the athletes and or fighters get the best help that they need, the institute hired industry experts. Here is a list of the industry experts and their roles at the UFC Performance Institute:

  • VP: James Kimball- Business & Logistics operations
  • Director: Clint Wattenburg- Nutritionists
  • Nicole Alai- performance Nutruiton Coordinator
  • Dr. Heather Thanephon- Sports Psychologist
  • Director: Dr. Roman Fomin- Sports Scientists
  • Director: Heather Linden- Physical therapists
  • Director: Bo Sandoval- Strength & condition coaches
  • Kyle Larimer- Strength & condition coordinator
  • VP: Forrest Griffin – Athlete development coach
  • VP: Dr. Duncan French- Performance coaches

These ten staff members are full-time employees and are staple faces at the institute. Since they are there all the days that the institute is open, which is

  • Monday to Friday- 9 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday- 9 am to 1 pm
  • Sunday- Closed

Also, these staff members bring in other coaches, staff, and experts to meet the demand of the fighters. The institute wants the fighters to get one-on-one help from their staff members. These staff members also conduct research to further the health and training of the athletes.

Who Can Use the UFC Training Center?

The UFC training center is open to all established and contracted athletes. Specifically, those fighters working for the UFC.

Due to their status, athletes can use the performance institute free of charge. Fighters only have to pay for their lodging expenses and transportation to the institute. Currently, about 175 athletes visit monthly, which is about one-third of the UFC fighters.

To reduce, crowding the performance is not open to the public, not even for tours. This additionally allows all athletes to be free from distractions that could possibly occur from fans.

Are there Other UFC Performance Institutes?

In total, there are two UFC Performance Institutes. Due to the success of the Las Vegas UFC Performance Institutes, they decided to open another in 2019.

The newest location is in Shanghai, China. The UFC is using this location as a tool to develop its presence in Asia. They are also using this as a scouting tool for potential fighters.

Lastly, The UFC is looking to open another performance institute in Mexico. There is additionally talk about potentially opening other chains in Puerto Rico and Africa.

Continue Learning About the UFC

The UFC Performance Institute creates outstanding fighters. Their prioritizing of their athletes allows them to do this.

There are many other aspects of the UFC that innovate the way things work. If you want to learn more or love UFC, check out our other blogs.

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