Understand the Basics of DraftKings MMA Scoring

MMA and UFC have both been explosively in the limelight of major league sports for the past few years. Whether its popularity came from the rise of Tik Tok stars joining the fighting world or simply because people love watching a good fight, MMA is here to stay. There are many different betting types and scoring details when it comes to betting on MMA. 

The format for MMA works really well with betting. This is why it is so popular because there are a variety of outcomes and bet types available. If you are interested in online betting, keep reading for everything you need to know about DraftKings MMA scoring.


Much like other sports betting, betting on the Moneyline is on who you think will win the fight. For example, if you have one fighter at +150 and another at -170, the fighter at -170 is favored to win. If you were to bet $170 dollars on the winner you would make $100 back.

This is a typical way to bet and it all comes down to different factors. You should consider the strengths and weaknesses of fighting styles, injuries, and weight class. It can be smart to bet on MMA athletes who are underdogs sometimes because they can provide significant winnings if they manage to win their match.

Total Rounds

MMA DraftKings scoring for over and under betting is based on the number of rounds the fight will last before the winner is declared. So if you bet $140 dollars on an over when the bookmaker sets the number of rounds at 2.5 and -140 with the match lasting 3 rounds, you would win $100 bucks. Not too bad. 

This can be difficult to bet on though because you have to consider different fighting styles and small numbers of rounds. Betting over would be a good option if the fighters are both defensive because you can bet that the match will last a little longer.

Winning Method

How the victor will win the fight is one of the other unique ways to bet on gambling platforms. There are three victory conditions in MMA scoring and you don’t need to predict which fighter will win, but rather how the fight will end up being won. The different Conditions are: 
  • Knockout
  • Submission
  • Judge Decision (scoring)
  • Disqualification
  • Doctors Stoppage
Decision victories happen when fighters last three to five rounds and are matched pretty well. If the fighters are both strong strikers you might consider betting on a knockout victory.


This type of betting is when you place multiple bets. For you to win, all of your fight choices need to win in order for you to have a successful parlay bet. This can be risky but you could get huge rewards if you pull a win.

DraftKings MMA Scoring Basics

When it comes to scoring, you should know the basics of what fighters are getting points for. Official scorers have a point system that they follow to determine the number of points given. Some of the top ways that affect scoring differences are strikes, control time, and the quick win bonus.

1. Strikes

Significant strikes are those that are any distance strike. Clinch or ground strikes are considered power strikes by official scorers as well. Typically significant strikes will count as both a strike and a significant strike but they’re both worth 0.4 points. 

Generally, if you see a fighter land a lot of hits but they aren’t special or beyond “regular hits”, the opposing fighter could land a few powerful strikes that make the match. Each official scorer judges differently so it might vary some. Keep this in mind as you start to build your lineups moving forward because it is a clear indication of how different strikes can be scored.

2. Control Time

This scoring metric applies to those who become in favorable positions when standing in the dominant position on the ground or in the clinch. Every second will rack up .03 points.

So if you watch an MMA fighter in a dominant position over another fighter for a whole minute they will net 1.8 points. Beyond this, all strikes that connect in this period of time will also register in scoring. This means points could potentially pile up very quickly for these fighters who can get into the right position.

3. Quick Win Bonus

This change in scoring can happen when any fighter finishes their opponent in the first minute of the bout with an added score of 25 points. While finishes are less common, this can happen when you have debuting fighters who may be less experienced. Some even think that having a smaller cage may lead to more finishes, though this type of betting doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. 

The points awarded change depending on the round finishes as well. Here are what is awarded for fight conclusions:

  • 1st Round Win: 90 points
  • 2nd Round Win: 70 points
  • 3rd Round Win: 45 points
  • 4th Round Win: 40 points
  • 5th Round Win: 40 points
  • Judge Decision Win: 30 points

Master DraftKings MMA Scoring Today

If you are able to understand what fundamentally leads to scoring points, you can have a better idea of the types of fighters you should pick up for your roster. Keep up with daily fantasy changes, updates, and news that can put you ahead of all of your opponents this season.

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