The Ultimate Guide to MMA DFS Betting Strategies

DFS. It stands for daily fantasy sports and this betting concept has been rising in popularity over the last few years.  It is part of the reason why the sports betting industry is worth $83 billion in 2022. On top of that, the industry’s worth is projected to double by 2030. 

As people get more involved with DFS betting, they want to evolve their DFS betting strategy to maximize profit. However, it is not as simple as throwing a random lineup together to win contests and tournaments. 

Today, we are going to focus on MMA DFS. What is the best MMA DFS betting strategy? How do you think outside the box in a contest or tournament?  This is your guide.

Game Platform

The first thing that you need to know is what platform you are planning on using. The reason for this is that different platforms could have different prices and scoring systems for each MMA fighter. If that happens, it could potentially make a fighter valuable on 1 platform but practically useless on another. 

Another thing to take into consideration here is what each platform’s scoring system is. One could give you more points for a knockout while another one could give you more points for total punches landed.  Most importantly, how much is the overall win in a fight worth in each platform? 

You need to account for all of these possible factors. It will give you a much better idea of what areas you need to focus on and then you can adjust your lineup accordingly.

Contest or Tournament?

When it comes to MMA DFS betting, there are usually two different types of competitions that you can enter. These are a contest and a tournament. 

A contest is generally played for a smaller amount of money and you are competing against a much smaller group of people. Here, the idea would be to not take as many risks. 

Why? Because the truth is, you do not need to. In a smaller contest, as long as your fighter performs as expected and there is no major flop in your lineup, you are more likely to get some cash back. 

These are the types of situations where you would stick to a known commodity in your lineup. That is someone who wins the majority of their fights or who rarely gets knocked out. You just have to make sure that the value is there and that there is room for them in your lineup. 

Then, you have the tournaments. These are usually played with a much larger group of people and it is a lot more difficult to win. 

With this many people participating in a tournament, you have to do something that stands out among the crowd. The majority of people in the tournament are likely to pick the blue-chip fighters or ones that are getting a lot of hype going into their fight. 

What you need to do is pick someone that is more under the radar. Take a fighter that not many people would expect to see in a lineup. 

This can be a fighter that has had recent struggles but has major upside when they are at their peak performance. Or, it could be a fighter that matches up well against a certain type of fighter but yet is still getting doubted. 

Stick to One Side

One thing that you might be tempted to do is to pick two fighters who are fighting each other and put them both in your lineup. Well, this may not be the best idea for you outside of a few scenarios where you can benefit from it. Rarely, but “Stacking” 2 fighters from the same fight iis very situational.

The reason is that when one fighter is getting points in a fight, the other fighter is not benefiting from that action. Ideally, you want to have a lineup where two fighters can simultaneously benefit. 

An exception to this rule might be if you are in a small contest and are just trying to get enough points to get some cash. Then, this could work if both fighters are about even and both get points during a long fight. 

However, picking both sides of a fight is not generally a good idea in a bigger tournament. This is because, in those tournaments, you want to have the biggest upside possible. 

While both fighters may usually be reliable for some points, in this situation, you want fighters who can all reach their maximum potential.

Look Under the Radar

Finally, as mentioned above, look for fighters that have a very good price that no one is looking at. When it comes to UFC events, a lot of people like to just focus on the main event. 

You can bet for DFS that whichever fighter the bettors think will win the main event is one that everyone will put in their lineup. Well, look further. 

The UFC has 724 active fighters as of 2021. That means there are more than a handful of people that are capable of putting up points for you. 

While you are probably going to be limited to a certain pool of players most days, do not be afraid to look at fights past the main event closely. 

Learn More About DFS Betting Strategy

These are four of the biggest things to take away when it comes to an effective DFS betting strategy with MMA. Remember to adjust accordingly based on the sportsbook and if it is a contest or a tournament. 

Do you want more advice on how to get the most effective DFS lineup? Sign up now to get the latest MMA daily fantasy strategy.

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