The Best Online Sportsbooks

As of September 2022 over 30 states in the U.S. have legalized sports betting and more are coming. With the growth of sports betting more and more sportsbook options are available, but what are the best online sportsbooks?    

Although lots of people use sportsbooks, there are still many people who wonder “what is a sportsbook?”. In short, a sportsbook is a company or individual that accepts bets from gamblers and pays out winnings to them. 

At The MadLab MMA, we have decided to create a sportsbook guide on the top 5 best sportsbooks available. Below, we covered the pros and cons of some of the best online sportsbooks in the USA. So if you would like to learn what are the best online sportsbooks, then keep reading.

1. Caesars

Caesars is one of the more recent sportsbooks on this list. However, it is expanding into the American market and it is now one of the best online sportsbooks. Caesars has multiple retail stores and online sports betting apps for people to use.


  • Welcome Bonuses: Caesars has the largest welcome bonus in the U.S. giving new users up to $1,250 worth of free bets.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app for Caesars is both smooth and easy to navigate which improves users’ experience.
  • Betting Limits: Caesars also has broad betting limits allowing users to place the bets they want.  



  • Bonus Funds

Bonus funds can be slow to be released, which doesn’t give customers the best experience.

  • Withdrawals

Similar to bonus funds, withdrawals can also be slow depending on the method used. 

2. FanDuel

FanDuel is one of the biggest sportsbooks available today with millions of paid users and some of the largest contests in fantasy sports. They hold big prize contests which attract a lot of new users.

Along with its huge fanbase, FanDuel has received coverage on several news channels including NY Times, Fox News, WSJ, Yahoo! Sports, and more.  


  • Large Prize Pools

FanDuel offers large prizes in their prize pools, they also regularly allow users to join in on new pools.

  • A Wide Range of Sports

FanDuel covers a wide range of sports which means that users aren’t stuck for options.

  • New User Bonuses

This sportsbook also gives its news users up to a $1000 free bonus which is one of the biggest free bonuses that any sportsbook offers. 


  • Withdrawals

While FanDuel doesn’t take a long time to process your withdrawal, it can take some time before the money hits your bank account.

  • Restrictions

There are some states where FanDuel is restricted which can exclude some users.

3. Bovada

In the U.S. Bovada is seen as one of the top sports betting sites. Bovada was created in 2011, and since then it has become one of the most popular betting sites.

Many people like this betting platform because of the many games that it offers and also because it caters to many countries that are not in the U.S. 


  • Payment Methods

With both paying and withdrawing money, Bovada has multiple different options available, including cryptocurrency payments.

  • Welcome Bonuses

Bovada also has multiple different welcome bonuses including a $750 bitcoin welcome bonus and a $125 refer a friend bonus.

  • Payouts 

When it comes to cashing out of your bets, Bovada lets you do it immediately so you can collect your winnings quicker.  


  • Money Lines

The money lines for Bovada generally come out late in the day which can be frustrating for users.

  • Website Changes

Bovada is constantly making improvements to its website, and some users struggle to keep up with changes.

4. Everygame

Everygame was first established in 1983 and since then it has catered to the gambling needs of millions of people around the world. While ownership has changed a few times, this sportsbook has stayed up to date with the latest trends in the sports betting market.

Even today, it still aims to improve its sports betting services for its users. 


  • Wide Range of Games

Everygame has a wide range of games for sports bettors to choose from so they can cater to a wide audience. 

  • 24/7 Customer Service

Everygame also has 24/7 customer service so if users have any issues, there is always someone available to contact. 

  • Mobile Compatibility 

Users can easily access this sports betting platform with no issues on their mobile. 


  • Bonuses

While there are lots of great bonuses on Everygame, many of them come with too many terms and conditions.

  • Payments 

Some forms of payment can take a long time to be processed before they hit your bank account.

5. Bookmaker

Another old sportsbook is Bookmaker, it has been around since 1985. Bookmaker has been a direct competitor of many major sportsbooks, and it has succeeded.

This sportsbook has got a few great benefits that it offers customers which is why it is so popular.


  • Payments

With new cryptocurrency payment methods being introduced, Bookmaker now receives bitcoin among other payment options.

  • A Wide Variety of Bets

Bookmaker offers a wide variety of bets for its users to choose from so they can bet on their favorite sports.  

  • High Betting Limits

Bookmaker also accepts higher betting limits allowing users to bet more money and get bigger wins.


  • Live Betting Interface

While there is a live betting interface on Bookmaker, it isn’t the highest quality or as up-to-date as some other betting platforms.

  • Loyalty Program

Bookmakers’ loyalty programs can be revoked from some users and this can make the program off putting. 

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