Guide to UFC Prop Bets

With over $1 billion in revenue over the first quarter this year, UFC’s growing popularity is in no doubt. Many MMA fans add to the excitement with wagers at their favorite sportsbooks. And nothing gets you further into the action than UFC prop bets.

Yet, if you are new to sports betting, you might ask, “What are prop bets?”. Well, there are several ways to win money on UFC fight nights. But learning about profitable UFC prop bets will help make your evening more entertaining.

So if you want to know more about the most popular prop bets and how to bet them, keep reading. This guide to prop bets gives you all you will need for a fun night with a chance to profit.

What Are Prop Bets?

The most recognized form of sports betting involves choosing match winners. In most team sports, betting lines get divided into money lines and point spreads. But the most popular prop bets provide a chance to bet on the action inside the game.

Prop bets in UFC matches allow bettors to predict various parts of a match without picking a winner. Several of these UFC prop bets add to the anticipation of an upcoming match. Other popular prop bets let you wager during a match.

Method Of Victory

Choosing how a fighter will win is one of the most straightforward UFC prop bets. Of course, you must still pick the winning fighter, but you can get better odds by choosing how the match will end.

There are four ways to determine the winner of a match. Like a classic boxing match, winning by Knockout or KO is easy to understand. A Technical Knockout or TKO gets scored when the referee decides a fighter cannot continue.

Another method of victory in UFC prop bets is winning by Submission. If you know the MMA scene, you will often see a fighter get stuck in a hold that forces them to tap out or submit. 

One of the most popular prop bets is the judge’s decision. Some of the most even matches between combatants end in a completed number of rounds. These profitable prop bets give you a chance of more significant profits if you know your fighters well enough.

Round Betting

It’s essential to have sound knowledge of a fighter’s history to make these UFC prop bets pay off. But if you study the game and know which rounds a fighter tends to win more often, these can be profitable prop bets.

You can go deeper into round betting and choose a time of victory on many sportsbooks. For example, there might be fighters with a history of going down early in rounds. So you might choose that fighter’s opponent to win the first minute of a particular round.

If you have studied the sport at length, you might have an idea about how a fight might end. Yet, the odds for these wagers are much higher, so it’s critical to understand the risks of prop betting.

UFC Fight Night Prop Bets

A unique feature for UFC prop bets comes from an incentive offered to fighters at every event. Fighters receive a $50,000 bonus for the most outstanding performances of the evening.

Prizes get awarded in three categories. Choose from the Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Submission of the Night. Win with great odds while the same fighters are cashing in from performing well.

With the UFC fight night prop bets, you can enjoy watching your favorites win while betting on others. First, you will have to decide which fighters will likely perform best. But big profits are possible if you see a matchup with the potential to become the fight of the night.

Understanding Prop Bets In UFC Odds

When making UFC fight night prop bets, it’s critical to know how the betting lines work. Of course, the most significant feature of UFC prop bets is the higher odds you receive for making these picks. But there are risks of prop betting you must understand to protect your bankroll.

So analyze each matchup for opportunities to cash in on fights. You can also combine UFC prop bets and parlays that raise winning odds even more. For example, you might take a fighter to win by Submission in the first minute of Round 3.

But first, it is essential to know what the odds mean and how they accumulate. When you see a plus sign beside an odds number, it indicates an underdog. All betting numbers get based on a $100 wager, but you don’t have to bet that amount.

For example, one fighter might be +150 to win a match. In this case, a $100 winning bet earns you $150 and your original bet back. On the other hand, odds on favorites like -120 say you must bet $120 to win $100 plus the original stake.

You might pick an overwhelming favorite to win with the example earlier. However, when you add UFC prop bets of method and time to your parlay, the odds could rise to +400 or more. It’s easy to see how these become profitable prop bets, but keep in mind the risks of prop betting for higher profit.

Win With This Guide To Prop Bets

Of course, there are no guarantees with UFC prop bets. But with the most popular prop bets as part of your fight night, you always win with more entertainment. More thrills are evident if you understand the risks of prop betting and study the matchups.

So get to know the UFC even better, and when someone else asks, “What are prop bets?” you will have the answers. And for a better guide to prop bets, join our great group of like minded players to get a deeper analysis of every UFC matchup.

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