Best Guide to Understanding Bellator Picks

MMA is now the world’s third most popular sport, with an estimated 451 million fans. While UFC gets significant attention, fans enjoy making Bellator picks at sportsbooks. Yet there are significant differences with Bellator betting.

The aspects that make Bellator unique in the MMA arena draw many to the sport. So it’s critical to learn how Bellator picks and predictions work before making your bets.

Keep reading if you plan to make Bellator predictions for a chance to win cash. This guide to Bellator will give you a heads up on how to bet on Bellator.

What's Different About Bellator Picks?

Many long-time MMA fans know that UFC and Bellator are the two most significant leagues in the United States. But if you are new to MMA and want to start betting, you should know some of the main differences with Bellator picks.

Bellator became the second largest MMA promotion after UFC bought out Strikeforce. Viacom owns MTV and Nickelodeon and owns a significant stake in Bellator. Now, many of the Bellator cards get broadcast on Showtime.

Like UFC, the Bellator programs adhere to the unified system of Mixed Martial Arts Rules. Yet, unlike UFC, non-title fights in Bellator are only three rounds in Main Event Spots. So for non-title Main Event Spots on the card, Bellator betting on rounds gets reduced.

The other rules are almost identical between the two promotions. Yet when you watch Bellator, you will notice the distinctive difference in the shape of the ring. UFC’s octagon gets replaced with a large circle cage which provides 25% more room for the fighters. 

Pros and Cons of Bellator Betting

Your Bellator predictions get helped by the structure of the MMA program. Every fight
on the card is part of a tighter format that gives each contest more meaning. As a result, some UFC fights don’t attract as much enthusiasm because there’s nothing other than a win on the line or a bump in the rankings if it calls for it. 

The league’s design can be more tournament style in spots, so Bellator picks have a chance to advance with each win in these situations. So fighters are always matched to compete for a defined goal. 

As fighters move through the schedule of tournaments, Bellator predictions get more intriguing. If you follow a fighter close, you might follow with your Bellator betting. So the regular schedule of tournament events creates growing excitement at each stage. 

The only drawback to tournament-style fights is a chance for less appealing matchups. As a result, some fighters must wait to get premium fights or move on to other promotions for better payday opportunities. Many fans would like to make Bellator picks and predictions on featured matchups.

Still, the urgent nature of each contest makes Bellator predictions a fun way to enjoy the action. In addition, fans who study the MMA field of fighters will know better how to bet on Bellator.

Learning to Make Bellator Predictions

First, each fight on the card displays a match from various weight divisions. Men’s and women’s matchups pit two opponents from the same weight class.

Knowing a fighter’s win and loss record is essential to making Bellator picks. But there are other critical elements about each fighter you should learn. For example, one fighter’s ratio of knockouts to submissions may make a huge difference in winning.

The fighters’ physical matchups can also have a bearing on Bellator predictions. Height, reach, and even training style might make fighters more attractive Bellator picks. Learn the training camps with the best reputations in the sport.

You should also consider the number of rounds for the fight. For example, a shorter, three-round fight might become an advantage for some fighters to finish a match.

There are also times when overwhelming favorites don’t know a new opponent. In some cases, Bellator betting becomes more exciting with higher odds on the underdog. So watch for opportunities where the surprise Bellator picks can pay huge dividends.

Types of Bellator Betting

There are three general ways to make Bellator predictions in most sportsbooks. You can make Bellator picks and predictions on the money line, the duration of the match, and the fashion the fighter wins.

Money Line

The money line is the most common form of Bellator betting. Favorites are displayed with a minus sign ahead of the odds, and signs denote the underdog. For example, a fighter that is -800 on the money line is an overwhelming favorite.

In contrast, a fighter with odds at +120 is only a slight underdog with a 45% chance of winning. Bellator betting odds follow the same $100 wager principle as other sports. So a $100 bet on the +120 underdog will pay $120 plus the original bet if he wins.

A favorite who is -800 needs to have $800 wagered to win $100. So it’s better to find Bellator predictions with winning underdogs.

Round Betting

With Bellator betting, you can choose whether a match will go over or under a certain number of rounds. The odds generally get tighter in the late rounds. And Bellator betting lines will show in half-rounds. So you might decide that a match will go over 2.5 rounds. The best part about this bet type is you don’t have to choose the winner. But, of course, Bellator predictions allow you to pick a fighter to win in a particular round.

Method of Victory

Knowing your fighters’ tendencies is critical for predicting how a match gets won. For example, some fighters tend to win by knockout, Submission, while others tend to go the distance. 

The tournament aspect of Bellator can provide excellent insights about some fighters. For example, you might choose a faster underdog that often finishes fights. 

Make Your Best Bellator Predictions

Now that you know how to bet on Bellator, there are more thrills to have with every match. So get to know the fighters well and make Bellator picks that pay off.

You can make all your Bellator predictions count with sound research. So join us now for excellent advice on Bellator betting and go deeper into the action.

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