Guide on How to Use 3 of the Top MMA Lineup Optimizer

UFC made huge profits in 2022 due to many things but one of those was the increased use of lineup optimizers. Never before had we gotten to see ourselves compete against the very best in fantasy sports.

The sport already had a big potential audience to use the MMA lineup optimizer, with people willing to pay an extra $125 per year to watch MMA pay-per-view fights.

As we sat with our phones or laptops in hand, we wondered – who would win? That UFC lineup optimizer showed both the team put together by the game developers as well as any input from us as to who would be taking on who.

With 100 weight classes and 214 titles in the game, there is certainly a lot to get your head around. As you read on, you will no doubt be keen to learn more about optimizers and how to use the tool in your fighting game.


The first of the MMA lineup optimizers options that you have to choose from is FantasyLabs. Before we can go over this, you need to have a proper understanding of how daily fantasy sports lineups work.

Essentially, for a pay-per-view event, you are trying to put together the best lineup possible in either a pool or a large contest. To do this, you have to figure out what combination of fighters is going to perform the best that day.

Now, a lot of these optimizers have projections and probabilities for each of these fighters. They organize this by statistical percentage, and FantasyLabs is no different here.

Based on past performances and physique, this optimizer can help break down the projection of each fighter.

What FantasyLabs does here is divided this into three sections. The first is their actual projection and how many fantasy points you are expected to get from a fighter that day.

However, they take this a step further with two additional features. These features are the ceiling and the floor for each fighter.

For those that are not familiar with these terms, the ceiling is the maximum number of points that the optimizer thinks a fighter will get and the floor is the lowest number of points that the optimizer thinks a fighter will get.

Along with all of this, it will also show you the salary of each player. To make this more challenging than simply picking the most predictable fighter, FantasyLabs gives you a salary cap for your lineup. So, you have to get a little creative about what lineups you put out there.

To set your lineup, choose how many lineups you want out there, and what you want those lineups to be based around. This can be projections, ceiling, floor, or custom.


Another lineup optimizer you can use for betting on MMA is one offered by DraftKings. Here, there are a lot of similar perks to FantasyLabs. However, DraftKings takes a few features a step further.

It works similarly where there is a set salary cap for your lineup and each player that you pick for your lineup is going to cost you a certain percentage of your salary cap. You also have projections, ceilings, and floors here.

However, two things that DraftKings highlights very well here are value and the winning percentage odds for each fighter. The latter can tell you what kinds of chances the simulator and lineup optimizers give for your fighter to actually win their fight that night.

The value column works similarly where you can see how important the simulator and lineup optimizer consider certain fighters to be in a lineup. You can use these tools to start selecting your own lineups and what you prioritize.

You can set these lineups up to have a certain number of entries along with the size of the pool, minimum and maximum salary, and more.


If there is one sportsbook that has helped the growth of fantasy sports, it is FanDuel. Along with DraftKings, these are two leaders in this industry, making the fantasy sports betting market worth $20 billion. In six years, this could be worth $48 billion.

So, what can FanDuel provide? Truthfully, it provides very similar lineup optimizer settings as the ones above.

It can simulate a game or a match 10,000 times to see what the best projections are in a sport. In this case, it would determine what the chances are of your fighter winning the match and how many points they could get in said match.

From there, you would have to go to your settings and look at the salary cap, projections, past performances, ceiling, floor, and more.

One thing that you may want to do here is determining how much exposure you want for certain fighters. An example can be if you are set on having one fighter in a lot of your lineups, you can change the settings to have them show in a certain percentage of your lineups.

You can find contests that have the maximum lineup entries settings that you need here as well.

Start Using an MMA Lineup Optimizer

These are the three platforms that you can use as an MMA lineup optimizer. By using any of these platforms, you can get in on the daily fantasy sports action and try to win some money by picking the best lineup for you.

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